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United Airlines passenger finds mould growing in plane food

A passenger “nearly threw up” after finding mould in his hummus snack pot, which he bought during his flight.

Jamie Lunde was travelling with United Airlines when he made the horrifying discovery inside the pot — after he had already had a few bites.

He wrote on Instagram: “I purchased this Tapas box last night on United flight 1613.

“I started eating it before I completely removed the foil on top.

“Almost threw up when I saw the mould!”

Despite it being a disgusting thing to find, the crew failed to take it away.

He added: “When I brought it to their attention they took my card to refund me, did not take away the mouldy hummus and find out today they charged me twice!”

In the picture, the dip can be seen with a layer of mould underneath the foil lid, just next to where Jamie had already eaten some of it.

The hummus was included in the tapas snack box, which costs $14 and includes almonds, bread sticks, bruschetta, dark chocolate, crackers, olives and the dip.

Instagram users were just as shocked about the disgustingly out-of-date food.

One wrote: “Flying is a joke these days.”

Another remarked: “Disgusting.”

One person suggested the airline should do something: “That is terrible!!! #unitedairlines fix this!”

United Airlines has not yet commented on the social media post.

Sadly, it isn’t the first time a passenger was served mouldy food on a flight.

A British Airways passenger was bedridden with food poisoning after eating a salad that had touched a mouldy meal.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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