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Why you can't fake a blush – BBC News

We’ve all been there… You get embarrassed, your cheeks become hot, you want the ground to swallow you up – but what happens to your body when you blush, and why do we do it?

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48 thoughts on “Why you can't fake a blush – BBC News

  1. What about going white, like
    pompous BBC manager did whilst vociferously defending paying Gary Lineker ludicrous 1.7 million per year? Make him go whiter, sack him! For wasting our money

  2. Your company is really biased in all reporting. Why does England want to sweep all the problems under the carpet? Why can't I talk openly about important things? I understand that your company is fully funded by people ??

  3. Tommy Robinson Jailed.
    Joe Biden son Hunter dodgy China /Ukraine deals.
    Jeremy Epstein case.
    Christopher Steele 16 hour interview in the UK.
    Just a few of the many ongoing cases that the Fake News BBC will not inform the British public about.
    Are you really trying to pass this garbage off as News.

  4. thank duck, I emailed TV licensing told them I have a smart TV and NOT a TV package from Sky, I don't use iplayer and watch most things on youtube and catch up. I haven't had to pay for a TV license since 2013
    It's simple thanks to Martin Lewis, see link

    I always blush when the wife catches me looking at women who are younger than me or her, I tell her I'm not blushing I've just got really bad heartburn so stop picking on me and go make me a cuppa tea

  5. I appreciate the many years of research which undoubtedly went into this study. At the knowledge of how my tax dollars were being used I blushed. All the same I disagree with the narrator. While it is without doubt an autonomic response. I am certain it can be controlled, and yes "faked". It is more correct to say that faking this response would be very difficult. And I agree it would be a rare skill. But not impossible. Only difficult. There are exceptions to almost all physiological activity. Including heart rate, pupil dilation and blushing. It is so rare that for all intents and purposes it is impossible for most people. But not all. Thank you for the work that went into this study. And sharing this video.

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