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World Cup Boycott Exposes Inequality In Women's Athletics

World Cup Boycott Exposes Inequality In Women's Athletics

Women are still fighting to be treated the same as men in sports. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Rick Strom

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26 thoughts on “World Cup Boycott Exposes Inequality In Women's Athletics

  1. The Newcastle Jets Under 15 Boys beat the Australian National Women's Soccer Team by 7 goals to 0. Nobody wants to watch women's soccer because the standard is so low.

  2. Gotta find more shit to nitpick about dicky boy. How about racism against whites. blacks being racist ,Latinos being racist ,about Asians being racist,Arabs being racist,Native people being racist,Indian people racist and who FAR/ALT LEFTIST LIKR YR SRLF BEING RACIST

  3. I'm all for equal pay but in sports man bring way more money and play way better then women do. I think the only sport that can really be equal is jiu jitsu. The MLS (mens soccer league) has been doing better and better every year since 1996. Every 4 years when the women's world cup comes along the US trys to make a women's league and it doesn't last because there's no interest and there game is not as good as the men's.

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