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You've been training AI for free

You've been training AI for free

Modern AI needs tons of data for training and quality control — and a lot of it is coming from human beings, whether it’s contract workers recruited from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or regular users filling out a CAPTCHA.

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45 thoughts on “You've been training AI for free

  1. if we are the ones who confirm that the number/sign or etc in captcha is what it supposed to be, then how the captcha know we are not wrong? isn't the captcha already know the picture is right, then what is the pont for comfirming? or they take the most voted ones and take it as a right answer?

  2. note that the security scanner door in China's every single metro station, there are 14 cameras to scan your whole body. that's how they identify 1.4 billion in seconds

  3. Hey! I'm brazilian and I have to tell you that is not a parking meter. Actually, "busca preço" in portuguese can be translated to "price search". That is a machine found in supermarkets that scans barcodes and show the prices of products.

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